Tyrone Henrie
Based in Utah




During a medieval economic meltdown an out-of-work knight decides to chase his passion, freelance catapultry. Explore a whimsical land with a dark story and solve world problems with throwing machines.


  • Experience a unique mix of gameplay that hearkens back to N64 era fun. The game mechanics consist of a healthy blend of Pilotwings, Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Worms.
  • Campaign - Features a storyline that drives the gameplay.
  • Discover legendary catapults and payloads with unique abilities.
  • Combine payloads with modifications like parachutes and rockets to solve puzzles and uncover secrets.
  • Find challenges hidden by the ancient Catapulti civilization. Do well on them to get legendary items.
  • A sophisticated fishing system. Fish react to bait and payloads in unique ways. Scare fish away or attract them with different payloads. Upgrade your fishing hook to catch deeper, heavier or just plain more ferocious fish. Catching a fish isn't based on random numbers. It is based on knowledge of their behavior, having the right equipment and skill in catching them.
  • Hidden items that can be collected using the Retrievo 9000. The Retrievo is a small mechanism that when launched can grab items. If items are collected it will open into a helicopter and return to the player with the items in tow.
  • Compete in Colosseum events like target toss and catapult golf.
  • Procedural destruction. Objects that can be broken dynamically.
  • A crafting system for creating upgrades from collected items and fish.
  • An overworld map like any good old-school game should have.


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Selected Articles

  • "The prototype I played was joyous, a whimsical and superbly crafted blend of high adventure and physics-based destruction."
    - Adam Smith, Rock Paper Shotgun
  • "It's a game that I would not at all have been surprised to find out was being developed by a studio like DoubleFine, as it shares much of the instantly-endearing intangibles, humor, and creativity so often found at much larger independent studios. The fact that Catapult for Hire's development is ostensibly a one-man effort makes it all that more impressive."
    - Jeff Mattas, Shacknews
  • "This upbeat indie's well-rounded approach aims to showcase just how far you can push the creative envelope with a giant war machine."
    - Nathan Meunier, GameSpy